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The game crashed on the later rounds but it was still really fun!

Im glad you had fun with my game! i just hope i will fix that crashing  on the next update, nice vid ;)


👀 👀 👀

I uh, enjoyed shooting these Pooh/Shiba Inu hybrids.  I also unfortunately had no sound and didn't really understand the language :P

Well thats an alpha version made in one week so I didint even have time to get the sound ready :P I didint actually thought than non polish player would ever play it, but Im glad you enojoyed it ;) You can make another vid about it when I release a fixed version with sounds and blood splatters (and english translation) :D


Btw i enjoyed that vid quite a lot :)

Glad ya enjoyed it!  Thanks for the explanations, awesome stuff for only a week :)


where did the game made? unreal or unity and is this a 32-bit? and it look like GTA?

It's unity and I cant tell what do you mean man.

oh sorry this is not gta so but i like but no sounds please make a sounds well i like your game shooter defense thing